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Car Parking & Elevator Lift


Car Parking
Mechanical parking lifts and automated parking systems are designed to minimize the area and/or volume required for parking cars. They utilize mechanical systems to transport cars to and from parking spaces (rather than the drivers) in order to eliminate much of the space wasted in a multi-story parking garage. An innovative solution to parking space, mechanical parking and the dependent access parking stackers uses and limitations are illustrated and describe in this course to expand your knowledge on this unique product. Learn about the different types of parking stackers and how they work.

Most preferred where car parking optimally fits in are:
 Residential Buildings
 Office Buildings
 Business Centers
 Shopping Malls

Elevator Lift
Auriga Elevators a technologically driven, service oriented Elevator industry, our team is capable of handling challenging projects related to Engineering, Installation, Maintenance and Modernization of Elevators. We Shiv Shakti Engineering make sure that our products are user friendly and safe in operation thus giving our customers satisfaction and maximum value for money. We are committed to managing the entire life cycle of products.

Most preferred where car parking optimally fits in are:
 Manual Door/Swing Door-VVVF 0.6 meters per sec
 Auto Door-Geared/Gearless VVVF 1.5 meters per sec
 Machine Room Less Elevators
 Residential Elevators-Hydraulic/Geared/Gearless
 Microcontroller Based Parallel Controller With ARD
 Laxmi 15 Day Modernization Package
 Car Lifts
 Hospital Lifts